Domestic Water Purifiers

Anything in excess is dangerous for one’s health, so are excess dissolved salts in your drinking water. Permionics brings to you multistage water purification systems for removal of excess dissolved salts from drinking water depending upon the feed water TDS levels.

Pureflo NF is yet another pioneering concept from the Pioneers of Membrane Technology in India to prevent indiscriminate use of RO systems on low TDS water such as municipal supply that produces almost distilled water which is dangerous to your health.

“Pureflo NF” – The First Chlorine Resistant Nano filtration Membrane based water purifier to remove the right amount of TDS from water to give you healthy and nourishing drinking water; ideal for waters having TDS below 600 ppm; also removes pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful organic compounds from water.

Make a decision today to buy the revolutionary Pureflo NF water purifier and ensure that your family drinks healthy and nourishing water. Your family’s health – first and foremost!

Eureka Forbes Dr. Aquaguard Geneus +Domestic Water Purifier

Product Description:
•  The G-technology automatically senses the quality of water source and chooses the optimum purification technology (RO+UV/UV+UF) to provide consistent water quality, irrespective of where it is sourced from.
•  UV technology works efficiently in making your water pure and the e-boiling technique kills bacteria and viruses ensuring you get safe drinking water
•  LED display that functions as a service/fault indicator and water level indicator. It is also gives you quick access to the reserve mode and auto mineral modulator
•  AEWACS system that notifies you when there is a need for purification maintenance or when the cartridge needs to replaced

Zero B Eco RO Water Purifiers

Product Description:
This Zero B eco RO water purifier comes with 6 litres storage capacity. It has 8 stage purification with Reverse Osmosis and UV lamp. It has features like it Cleans Purifier Automatically 24x7, Prevents Germ Build-Up in Tank, Improves Water Recovery Phenomenally, Automatic Power Flush Enhances Membrane Life, Keeps Tank Water Fresh for a Week, Makes Other UV and RO Outdated, Automactic Tank Level Control, 30W power rating with 12 kg in weight.
The Zero B ECO RO Water Purifier uses advanced Reverse Osmosis water purification technology. Some new concepts introduced in this model are the HRR technology and advanced ESS technology. The HRR technology helps to reduce the quantity of water waste by 80%. The ESS technology performs an automatic cleaning of the water purifier, this prevents germ build up in the equipment ensuring fresh and clean drinking water at all times. The Zero B ECO RO Water Purifier uses an eight stage purification process. It also goes through the UV water purification method, which is very effective for removal of germs and other microorganisms.