Water Coolers

USHA Drinking Water Coolers

The wide range of Usha Water Coolers offers a combination of sleek looks and amazing features. To give you cool and refreshing water at all times.

Faster cooling : Cooling is faster at the initial stage and that too at 15% more efficiency as compared to ordinary water coolers.

Low power consumption : Superior quality grooved copper tubes in heat exchanger and in high efficiency compressor results in low power consumption.

ISI marked : High and consistent quality.

Anti-corrosive : Blue fins on condenser coil gives the water cooler longer life.

Eco friendly : Environment friendly new age refrigerants.

Longer life : Rugged stainless steel/galvanized steel body for longer product life.

Safe drinking water : Due to high quality stainless steel tank, food grade water piping, float valve and other components which come in contact with drinking water.

No plumbing required : Now connecting the water cooler is extremely easy. The Water Inlet Hose pipe and Overflow pipes provided with the water cooler unit makes installation a matter of few minutes.

Float valves : Specially designed float valves are an added advantage. Made of food grade plastic, not only they are safe, they also withstand high inlet water head pressure very easily.

Adjustable pedestals : Uneven surfaces are no problem with the adjustable pedestals. Made of highly non-corrosive and strong Nylon-6 material, they last longer even in extreme atmospheric conditions.

Ergonomically designed : For greater safety and operational convenience.

USHA Dispenser Series-HNCCC21V9S

•  Available with cold, normal & hot water faucets.
•  Long-lasting, stylish faucets with anti-bacterial treatment
•  LED indication for power/heating/cooling functions
•  Tough, durable and corrosion resistant cabinet.
•  Advance cooling system
•  Designed for efficient cooling even in hot Indian conditions.
•  Environment friendly new age refrigerant.
•  Child lock for hot water faucet

USHA Dispenser Series-HNCTT11V9S

•  Available with Cold, Normal and Hot water faucets.
•  Tall Design
•  Easy to push Knobs
•  Long-lasting, stylish with anti-bacterial treatment
•  LED Indication for Power/ Heating/ Cooling Functions
•  Tough, Durable and corrosion resistant cabinet
•  Advanced cooling system
•  Designed for efficient cooling even in Hot Indian conditions.
•  Environment friendly new age refrigerant.
•  Child Lock for Hot Water Faucet

Technical Specification:
•  Hot Storage Tank Capacity : 2.5 Liters
•  Voltage : 8 (+/-) 20
•  Power : 80 Watts
•  Temperature : 7 - 17 C
•  Refrigerant : R 134a (CFC Free)
•  Cooling Capacity : 3.5 Liters per hour
•  Condenser : Static
•  External Cabinet : ABS plastic with metal sides

Aquaguard Cooler Cum Purifier

Product Description:
•  Naturally Wholesome Water
•  It ensures that wholesome natural salts and minerals in the water are retained without adding iodine or chemicals.
•  Advanced 3 Stage Purification Process
• The micro porous, heavy duty sediment filter candle of polypropylene and silver impregnated activated carbon removes physical impurities like dust, dirt etc.
• Finally, the ultraviolet treatment effectively inactivates all known diseases - causing bacteria and viruses.
•  International Technology
• The UV technology used by Aquaguard is internationally proven as a method for eliminating all known waterborne disease - causing bacteria and viruses.
Money Saving Features :
•  It has a 2 in 1 system that includes both a cooler and a purifier. So, you don’t have to attach a purification system.
•  It is designed to save power since its compressor turns on only when the cold water is drawn.
•  Built- in Safety Mechanism

Zero B Eco Chill Water Cooler

Dynamic Monitor and Controller (DMC) System The new Zero B eco Chill water cooler is equipped with unique Dynamic Monitor and Controller (DMC) system which informs the user about quality, temperature of water as well as smooth functioning of internal system of machine. It also gives early warning for replacement of cartridge.

•  For safe & natural tasting water based on Zero B Resin Technology.
•  Eliminates disease causing bacteria and viruses.
•  Removes unwanted odor, taste & color to give natural tasting water.
•  Globally acclaimed resin technology.
•  Requires no electricity.
•  Separate water meter to indicate capacity utilization.
•  Higher dispensing capacity of 4 liters per min.
•  Not only paralyses, but effectively eliminate bacteria and Viruses.