Institutional Water Purifiers

Aquaguard 200 (AG 200)

For small commercial establishments. It can also be installed with a cooler.

• Retain natural quality of water.
•  Absolutely safe for drinking water purposes as per WHO standerds.
•  International water purification technology.
•  Power saving feature for reduced electricity cost.
•  Aquaguard Cooler cum Purifier (AGCCP)
•  High water volumes leading to lower cost.

Aquaguard 600 (AG 600)

For large industrial establishments.

•  Choice of 2, 8, & 10 liter flow combination.
•  Safe features like bulk in stabilizer
•  User friendly features
•  Long life through sleek design and tough body.
•  Facility of water control sensor.
•  Safe water of no water.
•  Wide operating voltage

Aquaguard Cooler cum Purifier (AGCCP)

It’s only one in India and it’s the only one you need.

•  echnological marvel to ensure cool & safe water.
•  3 stages purification process of Aquaguard.
•  Avoids all contamination with last point purification.
•  Built-in safety features and stabilizer to ensure long life.
•  Aquaguard Cooler cum Purifier (AGCCP)
•  High water volumes leading to lower cost.

Aquaguard REVIVA

Institutional Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier Systems

•  6 Stages purification along with Reverse Osmosis Technology Special Membrane Elements produce higher quantity of treated water makes chemically & Micro-biologically potable by reducing the hardness of the water.
•  0.0001 micron pore size RO membrane prevents passage of micro-organisms and TDS – makes water taste natural and safe.
•  Basic & Storage type models of 25 & 50 LPH available.

Aquaguard Storage Cooler cum Purifier (AGSCCP)

Unique, not only chills but also purifies

•  Ensures absolutely safe drinking water.
•  Advanced 3 stage last point purifier
•  Powerful cooling systems & choice of room temperature.
•  Large cooling storage capacity
•  Aquaguard Cooler cum Purifier (AGCCP)
•  High water volumes leading to lower cost.
•  Built in safe feature, internationally acclaimed product quality
•  Last point of purification available.

Aquaguard Pure Chill RO Storage Cooler Cum Purifier

•  Ensure absolutely safe drinking water
•  Advance 7 stage water purification process
•  Built with RO as a prime process.
•  Money saving features of purifier, Cooler & Storage.
•  High quality SS tank for storage (80 ltrs.)
•  Self cleaning system for efficient operation & long life of membrance

Aquaguard RO-NF/UF-UV

•  Top of the line Reverse osmosis - NanoFiltration & Ultra filtration- Ultra Violet process.
•  One of its kind with a online 5 & 6 stage process respectively.
•  Bubble top facility attachment-compatible For any ISI bubble top mineral water available
    in the market.
•  Choice hot and cold water, normal water purifier
•  Elegant design
•  Low maintenance
•  Perfect water refining & cleaning

PURILINE Watre Purifier

Technical Specifications:
•  For safe & natural tasting water based on Zero B Resin Technology.
•  Eliminates disease causing bacteria and viruses.
•  Removes unwanted odor, taste & color to give natural tasting water.
•  Globally acclaimed resin technology.
•  Requires no electricity.
•  Separate water meter to indicate capacity utilization.
•  Higher dispensing capacity of 4 liters per min.
•  Not only paralyses, but effectively eliminate bacteria and Viruses.